Terms and Conditions

R'Card Agreement



The R’Card is the official photo ID of the University of California, Riverside and is managed by the Card Services office. Your R’Card is the property of UCR and the use of the card may be revoked at any time. Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the security and proper use of their ID card. The R’Card program was developed to provide students, staff, and faculty a secure and user friendly one-card access system that serves as the key to campus goods, services, buildings, and events. The program is NOT an originator of data (i.e., account numbers, employment type and registration status); all data for students and employees is received from authoritative sources such as the Student Information System and UCPath.

Rights and Responsibilities

It is mandatory for each new student to obtain and carry their R’Card. Incoming students will receive their R’Card at Highlander Orientation. A fee will automatically be billed to your student account. Staff and faculty members can receive a R'Card upon request, a fee will be charged at the time of service. This card is intended to serve you throughout your duration at UC Riverside. The R'Card entitles the cardholder to all privileges associated with their status. Rights and privileges associated with the R'Card are contingent upon active status as a student, faculty or staff member.


Student registered for the current quarter, active employees with an official appointment start date that is not in the future and other eligible affiliates, may obtain their first R’Card by uploading their photo via . When you pick up your card, you must present a valid government-issued photo ID in person at the UCR Card Services office. 

Affiliates who are not on University Payroll may be eligible to obtain an R’Card for library or building access by asking their sponsoring department to submit the Affiliates, Visiting Scholars and Non-Salaried Positions R’Card Request Form on their behalf. This form gives the department an official way of introducing the individual to Card Services. A government-issue photo ID and payment is due at the time of service.

Proper Usage and Care

It is the cardholder's responsibility to protect and maintain the condition of their card. To ensure durability, please do NOT:

  • Use the card in any fashion which may cause damage
  • Punch holes in the card 
  • Place the card on stereo equipment, computers, or near any magnetic fields
  • Carry the card loose in your pocket without a protective covering 

Your UC R'Card is the property of UCR and the use of this card may be revoked at any time. Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the security and proper use of their ID card. R’Cards are NOT transferable and should never be lent to others. Use of the card by anyone other than the person identified on the ID, as well tampering or alteration on the ID, will warrant confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the University. 

Data Security

The R’Card has three features to maintain the security of your data and funds:

  1. Digitized photo — helps campus staff ensure you are the authorized owner of the card.
  2. Magnetic strip — Processes monetary transactions related to your Bear Bucks stored value account, Dining Dollars and/or meal plan funds.
  3. ProxChip — Maintains information related to those secured locations and buildings to which you have access.

While the R’Card system uses industry-standard encryption techniques and virtually eliminates the risk of compromised data, you also have a role in keeping your data secure: Report or deactivate lost cards immediately. If you witness secured-access doors propped open, abuse of card readers, or unauthorized use of a person's R’Card, report it immediately.

Lost or Damaged Cards

The cardholder is responsible for immediately reporting lost or damaged cards. Suspend a lost or damaged card online right away by logging in to My Card Account and deactivating the card. UCR is not responsible for the use of any lost card until reported. A replacement fee is required.

Lived Name Changes

Lived Name aims to have a student or employee's self-chosen name to be used in all university communications and reporting, except where legal names are required by law, industry standard or legitimate business needs. Students and employees who have updated their Lived Name in University data resources can receive a replacement card at no charge by exchanging their existing R’Card. If the cardholder does not have their current R’Card, it is considered a Lost Card and subject to the Lost Card replacement fee.

Your Photo Image

The digital image on your R’Card will either be submitted via MyPhoto or taken in person at the UCR Card Services office. This is the image that will be used as your official proof of identity at UC Riverside. UC Riverside may require that your student/staff/faculty picture be released to campus for educationally related and/or official university business which falls under the FERPA guidelines.

Account Balance and Statements

You can obtain your Bear Bucks account balance or transaction history, by logging in to My Card Account and you will see your account summary or click on Account statements to see the detail of all activity on your accounts for up to 24 months.

Account balances are also displayed at most readers across campus when a purchase is made. 

"Bear Bucks” once deposited to the account, can be used immediately at points of sale across campus. All sale transactions are debited from the customer’s Bear Bucks account and the customer is responsible for observing the transaction at the time of sale and monitoring their own account balance.

Negative Accounts

For Bear Bucks accounts that become overdrawn and show a negative balance, it is up to the cardholder to add funds to bring their account into compliance (which means a zero balance or greater) to prevent a hold from being placed on their card.

Closing an R'Card (Bear Bucks) Account upon leaving or graduating from the University

When you have officially separated from the university, you can request a refund for anything in your Bear Bucks account in excess of $5.00. Download the "R'Card (Bear Bucks) Refund Request Form" and submit it to the UCR Card Services Office. The University will refund your balance, less a $5.00 service fee.

If a Bear Bucks account has sustained no activity for 12 months or more and has a positive balance, the account will be determined inactive and assessed a $25.00 annual fee until one of the following occurs; (1) the account is closed per instructions under "Closing an R'Card (Bear Bucks) Account"; or (2) the balance reaches zero. 

UC Riverside has adopted a new financial system, called Oracle, which will require individuals no longer part of the UCR organization to log-in and create a profile in the Oracle Supplier Portal. The proposed payee (you, the Bear Bucks refund requestor,) will receive an email from UC Riverside with the subject line “FYI: Supplier Contact User Account for UCR Enterprise was Created.” Open the email and click on the “Access the application” link provided within. This will guide you through the registration process.  Complete all steps required to create a user account and password. By following these instructions, you will be able to navigate through the Oracle Supplier Portal and update your profile accurately, enhancing the speed in which UCR can provide your refund check to you.    

Disclosure to Third Parties

In accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your photograph is part of your educational record. As directory information, it can be released to campus officials for educationally related and university purposes. University of California, Riverside will not release cardholder's photograph outside the institution, unless permitted or required by law, or with the cardholder's permission.

Error Resolution

If a cardholder suspects an error on a Bear Bucks transaction, contact the Card Services Office at (951) 827-2273 or by email at Contact must be made within five (5) business days of the transaction(s) in question. Failure to request error resolution in a timely manner could result in the loss of a refund.

When making a request for error resolution, please furnish the following information:

  • cardholder's name
  • ID number
  • A description of the transaction in question and an explanation of the discrepancy
  • The dollar amount of the transaction
  • Approximately when and where the error took place.

Customer Service

To report problems with your R'Card, Bear Bucks account, or any related equipment, contact Card Services at (951) UCR-2273 or email For account statements and transaction history,  log in to My Card Account.