R'Card Request Form for Visiting and Non-Salaried Positions

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Form Must Be Completed By Department Administrator

If your department needs an ID card for an affiliate with a Visiting and Non-Salaried Position, the person in the department who processes J-1 visas (or who oversees the on-boarding process) must fill out and submit this form on behalf of the affiliate. The Card Office staff will follow up with this visitor to request an ID photo and copy of a government-issue photo ID. (The Card Services office reserves the right to determine eligibility.)

There is an R’Card fee and payment can be arranged below.

Submit this form only if your affiliate will not receive an Employee ID number. Affiliates issued an Employee ID number must request their R’Card following the instructions for staff and faculty on our website.

Name of Department Administrator

Name of Department Administrator

Name of Affiliate

Name of Affiliate

If you provide a Lived/Preferred name, we will print this on your R’Card instead of your legal first name.
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Purpose for which UCR ID Card is Requested

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