Affiliates, Visiting Scholars and Non-Salaried Positions

To Qualify

If you are not a UCR student or employee, you still may be eligible to obtain an R'Card for campus identification purposes and/or to access university services.

  • Visiting Scholars must be sponsored by a department to receive an R'Card. Ask the department administrator who processes J-1 visas, or who oversees on-boarding, to fill out and submit a Request Form using the button below.
  • Form Must Be Completed By Department Administrator

Dept Request Form

After the department completes the request form, the card office staff will instruct you to provide all five items in one email. Type in the subject line: UCR OTHERS CARD.  Please see email instructions on this page.  

Payment: There is an R'Card fee. Departments can arrange to pay the fee via campus recharge. Individuals may pay the fee with a credit card online or in person at the Highlander Service Station. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Pay For Your R'Card

Highlander Service Station

Email Instructions

Send all five items in one email. Type in the subject line: UCR OTHERS CARD

Provide your full name.

Provided your United States mailing address.

Provide your date of birth.

Attach a recent color photo, head and shoulders only, facing the camera with eyes open and visible. Photos should be JPG format, between 300KB and 2MB.

Attach a copy of a current, government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include English-language passport; U.S. driver's license; and U.S. Military identification cards. We do not accept birth certificates, Social Security cards, school IDs or credit cards.