Custom Badges (No prox/mag stripe functionality)

Card Services can create specialized badges that can be used to identify a department's staff members, conference attendees, participants in fieldwork and/or members of a special event. We can design the card, take the photo, and deliver all the features you need.

Request Badges

We are capable of designing the card, capturing the photo, and facilitating the distribution to your department or team. Please take note that, effective immediately, as part of our initiative to emphasize the utilization of the R'Card as the principal means for access and identification, badges will no longer possess prox/chip card capabilities. Should prox/chip functionality be necessary, you will need to obtain and utilize the R'Card instead.

Custom Badge Sample - SOM

Basic Badges are perfect for conferences, event staff and general ID use.

There is a one-time setup fee for artwork.

For more information and a custom quote, contact us at

Special (Student) Groups 

Staff members organizing badges for groups of students should contact UCR Card Services ahead of project deadlines to ensure we have the information and materials needed to provide service for each group member. Students must have an R’Card to receive a badge.

Feel free to contact us at, (951) 827-2273 or (951) 827-1237 to discuss.