Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Your Card

  • How do I get the best ID card photo?
    • Head Shot Example
      Expression should be natural
    • Face forward (no side angles)
    • Background should be a neutral color
    • Light source should be in front of you
    • Focus on face and shoulders
    • Photo must be in color
    • No filters

    Refusing to follow any of these guidelines could delay your photo from being approved.

  • What Government-issued documents are accepted?

    Any current government-issue photo ID (valid English-language passport, U.S. driver’s license, U.S. Military identification card, etc.). We can not accept birth certificates, Social Security cards, school ID's, or credit cards.

  • What if I have changed my Lived Name?

    Lived Name aims to have a student or employee's self-chosen name to be used in all university communications and reporting, except where legal names are required by law, industry standard, or legitimate business needs. Students and employees who have updated their Lived Name in University data resources can receive a replacement card at no charge by exchanging their existing R’Card. If the cardholder does not have their current R’Card, it is considered a Lost Card and subject to the Lost Card replacement fee.

    Note: Your legal name is still maintained and used for some university business. Please see UCPath for information on changing your legal name in University systems. 

  • When will I be billed?

    The R'Card fee will appear on your student account. Please review your account statements often to ensure this fee is paid quickly. The Main Cashiers’ Office will assess a monthly late fee of $25 for unpaid charges. 

  • When will I receive my R'Card?
    1. First-years and transfer students will receive their R’Card at their Orientation, provided photo submission deadlines are met.
    2. For all others, once your photo and proof of identity have been approved, it can be ready the same or next day.

    Request R'Card

    Attention: peak production periods like Week 0 or holiday closures may alter processing time. 

Bear Bucks and Financials

  • Can non-account-holders obtain a Bear Bucks account statement?

    No, it is our policy to only release account information to the account holder (the student or employee who has the R'Card and Bear Bucks account). Regardless of the source of the funds, federal statutes prohibit us from releasing this information unless the student is under 18 years of age or has granted access to their grades and other restricted information through the Office of the Registrar.

  • How do I close my Bear Bucks account?

    Although we recommend spending your Bear Bucks on campus, to close a Bear Bucks account, simply fill out the Bear Bucks Refund Request Form and submit the form to the Card Services Office

    Once processed, you will receive an invitation in your email to create an account on the Oracle supplier portal. Once you have registered, the University will refund your balance, less a $5 service fee. 

    If there are outstanding charges on an existing student account, they must be paid before refunds are issued.

    If a Bear Bucks account has sustained no activity for 12 months or more and has a positive balance, the account will be determined inactive and assessed a $25 annual fee until one of the following occurs.

    1. The account is closed per instructions under above.
    2. The balance reaches zero.

    For more information regarding your Bear Bucks account please refer to the R'Card Agreement.

  • What's the difference between Bear Bucks and Dining Dollars?

    While both plans let you make purchases on campus, they are separate programs with their own rules and requirements.

    Bear Bucks turns your R'Card into a debit card, for purchasing goods and services at all-campus points of sale. Funds never expire.

    Dining Dollars are administered by Dining Services and only works at on-campus dining locations, and are only available to residents with Dining Plans. Unlike Bear Bucks, Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year. Meal Plans with missing Dining Dollars can be corrected by contacting Housing Services or your RSO.

    If you have both Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks on your card, take care to tell the cashier which tender to use when making a purchase from a dining register. To correct a mistake or follow up on missing Dining Dollars contact Housing Services or your RSO.


  • Can I use my R'Card for building access?

    If you live in UCR Housing, your R'Card's proximity chip can be programmed to provide “contactless” access to buildings, doors, and gates. Access is provided by the staff at the appropriate Residential Services Office (RSO). For lab or classroom access, please consult the building administrator or Access Control.

    NOTE: You will need to repeat this step if you ever receive a replacement R'Card.

  • Can I use my R'Card to login with Kronos?

    Bring your R'Card to your supervisor. They will enter your card’s special 16-digit number into Kronos so you can swipe and clock-in.

    NOTE: You will need to repeat this step if you ever receive a replacement R'Card.