About Bear Bucks

It is good at dozens of locations, including campus dining. Your account is active soon after your card is printed — just add funds and you’re ready to go.

No account fees or service charges, as long as the account is maintained
Fast and convenient, funds never expire
To add funds online by logging into your UCR Card Account
Parents/Guardians can deposit into a student’s account knowing funds can only be spent at university-approved locations

Where Are Bear Bucks Accepted?

Many families use Bear Bucks to help students cover discretionary expenses beyond room and board: purchasing books, groceries, school supplies, meals and other essentials.

There are some minor restrictions: Cash withdrawals or cash advances are not permitted, and balances do not accrue interest. And you can’t use Bear Bucks to pay for parking permits or fees on R'Web.

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Bear Bucks FAQ's

Check out answers to frequently asked questions!

  • What are Bear Bucks?

    Bear Bucks can be used for purchasing discretionary items like books, groceries, school supplies, food items at any campus dining location, and other essentials.  There are some minor restrictions: cash withdrawals or cash advances are not permitted, and balances do not accrue interest. And you can’t use Bear Bucks to pay for parking permits or fees on R'Web.

  • How do Bear Bucks work?

    Bear Bucks are linked to your campus ID card (R’Card) and can be used across campus.  Each purchase is automatically deducted from your account balance, similar to a bank debit card.

  • Where can I use Bear Bucks?

    Bear Bucks are accepted at the UCR Bookstore, any campus dining location, and copying and printing locations including the library.

  • How do I purchase Bear Bucks?

    You can deposit funds to your R’Card with a credit card or debit card by clicking Purchase Bear Bucks

    Those needing assistance can visit the Highlander Service Station for in-person assistance.  

  • Do I need a R’Card to purchase Bear Bucks?

    Once an R’Card is issued, it can start receiving Bear Bucks’ deposits within an hour.   

  • What's the difference between Bear Bucks and Dining Dollars?

    While both plans let you make purchases on campus, they are separate programs with their own rules and requirements.

    Bear Bucks turns your R'Card into a debit card, for purchasing goods and services at all-campus points of sale. Funds never expire.

    Dining Dollars are administered by Dining Services and only works at on-campus dining locations, and are only available to residents with Dining Plans. Unlike Bear Bucks, Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year. Meal Plans with missing Dining Dollars can be corrected by contacting Housing Services or your RSO.

    If you have both Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks on your card, take care to tell the cashier which tender to use when making a purchase from a dining register. To correct a mistake or follow up on missing Dining Dollars contact Housing Services or your RSO.

  • What if I don't use all my Bear Bucks?

    The funds that are deposited to Bear Bucks remain in the account until the funds are used to purchase goods or services, or until the funds are requested to be refunded when enrollment is terminated at UCR. 

  • Can I get a refund on Bear Bucks?

    Refunds are available when you officially leave the university.   To close a Bear Bucks account, fill out the Bear Bucks Refund Request Form and submit the form to the Highlander Service Office in person, through Email or through physical mail.  The University will refund your balance, minus a $5 service fee. 

Questions about Bear Bucks?