Welcome to Card Services

What is an R'Card?

The UCR ID Card (R'Card) is an interactive ID that facilitates commerce and access across the campus for students, staff and faculty. You must be actively employed or enrolled to receive an R'Card.  You will want to keep it with you at all times.

2023-24 R'Card Template Design

The R'Card provides access to:

  • Campus libraries
  • UCR Athletics Events
  • UCR lab rooms
  • Residence Halls
  • Vehicle access gates
  • Laptop rentals and other equipment
  • ASPB - live events

The R'Card can be used as payment:

By adding Bear Bucks, Community Meal Plan, and/or Dining Dollars (for those with meal plans), the R'Card can be used for payment at:

  • The UCR Bookstore
  • Campus dining venues
  • Pepsi vending machines
  • WEPA Printing kiosks
  • Campus convenience stores (Scotty's)
  • Residential restaurants (with Bear Bucks, board plan or Community Meal Plan)

Please note: Effective immediately, students and staff can no longer swipe their R'Card to board local Riverside Transit Agency buses. RTA has switched to a new, contactless fare system using a smart phone app board. Complete details are on the Transportation Services website