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Attention: Starting September 12th, due to the high volume of student card requests, we recommend skipping MyPhoto (the online photo submission site) and ask that you come to the Highlander Service Station. We will take your photo, check your Government ID, and issue your R’Card in person. Photos submitted to MyPhoto after this date run the risk of not being responded to in a quick fashion as staff will be focused on helping people over the counter.

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Make it official – get your UCR ID (R’Card) and become part of R’community. Your R’Card also functions as an electronic pass for building access, library borrowing and dining plans. When loaded with "Bear Bucks" or "Dining Dollars," your R’Card can be used as a debit card at select locations across campus.

Request your R’Card in 4 easy steps

Step One: Review Your Name on R'Web

  • Your name will print on your R’Card exactly as it appears on your Personal Information page in the R'Web portal.
  • If you would like to use a lived name on your R’Card, you can overwrite your legal name by choosing the Preferred Name option. If you change your name, hold off on moving to Step 2 for at least two days to allow the data to update.

Step Two: Submit Your Photo and Proof of Identity

Log in to with your NetID and password. Carefully follow the instructions on MyPhoto to submit both an approved photo and proof of identity (a government-issued ID).

Your ID Photo: Upload a self-portrait, following these guidelines:

  • Photo must be in color
  • Crop slightly above head to middle chest
  • Position self against a plain, light background
  • Face the camera with eyes open

Proof of Identity:

  • Submit a picture of a government-issued photo ID (valid English-language passport, driver’s license, US Military identification card, etc.) that includes your photo, name, and date-of-birth. For ID alternatives, please see the FAQ page.

Step Three: Photo & Proof of Identity Review Period

MyPhoto will automatically send you a message confirming submission of your photo and proof of identity. A Card Office official will review* your submission and send you a message through MyPhoto stating if your submission gets approved or needs to be resubmitted.

Messages from MyPhoto:

  • Email #1 will confirm the submission of materials.
  • Email #2 will let you know if your submission is approved. If it is disproved, make requested corrections before resubmitting.

*Review times vary according to seasonal demand.

Step Four: Issuing Your R'Card

If your photo and proof of identity are approved, your R’Card will be issued. Please provide a government-issue photo ID to claim it.

Next Steps:

All R’Cards will be held for pickup from the Highlander Service Station except for those completed in time to be handed out at Orientation or on Move-In Day (AI, Dundee, Lothian, and Pentland Hills). 

The R’Card is $33. For new and transfer students, this fee will appear on student accounts automatically. Most will see the fee appear when tuition is charged to your student account, even if no photo is on file. Students may request their R’Card at any time regardless of the fee posting date.

IMPORTANT: Students expecting to live on-campus are strongly encouraged to request their R’Card by September 1st. WHY THIS MATTERS: R’Cards issued prior to Move-In Day can be programmed by Housing for meal plans and building access so you are connected to services when you arrive.

REMEMBER: When you submit your photo matters. Some photo deadlines apply to receive your R’Card at Orientation or on Move-In Day.  PHOTO DEADLINES