Center For Early Childhood Education

Parents of a child enrolled in the Center for Early Childhood Education (CECE), who are not otherwise affiliated with the university, may obtain an Affiliate R'Card.  Please follow the steps below to request an Affiliate R'Card.

  1. Review the six items you must provide to help us issue your Affiliate R'Card.  

  2. Send all six items in one email. Type in the subject line: CECE R'CARD

Include In Email

Provide your name as you would like it to appear on your UCR Affiliate R'Card.

Provide the name of the child enrolled at UCR CECE.

Example of headshot

Attach to the email a current, color photo of yourself (shoulders on up). Center the camera on your facial features. Background should be neutral. The photo should be in jpg format.    

Attach to the email a picture or scanned image of a government-issued ID card that includes your name, date of birth, and photo.   

Please confirm if you would like us to send the Affiliate R'Card via campus mail to the Center for Early Childhood Education or if you would like to pick it up directly from the Highlander Service Station 

CECE staff will need to program your Affiliate R'Card.  

In the email, attach a screenshot of the UCR Affiliate R'Card's receipt of purchase.  

Purchase Affiliate R'CardAffiliate R'Card Fee

We will process your request upon receipt of your email.  There are no refunds.