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Staff Badge Requests

UCR Card Services can create specialized badges which can be used to identify:

  • your department’s staff members
  • conference attendees
  • participants in fieldwork
  • members of a special event

The cost of service is a one-time $75 charge for artwork set-up and a print cost of $5 per badge. This service request can be submitted through the departmental web recharge system.

Your department will be asked to provide:

  • a list that provides the Last Name, First Name, Title, and Employee or Student number for each badge request
  • confirmation of the Department name to place on the badge
  • A contact to help us reach staff or students who might not already have a picture on file. In some cases, we will allow pictures that you provide in a jpeg format
  • Web recharge number

Feel free to contact us at cardingoffice@ucr.edu , (951) 827-2273 or (951) 827-1237 to discuss.

Special (Student) Groups 

Staff members who work with groups of students that require an R’Card should contact the UCR Card Services office to schedule a visit. By contacting us in advance, UCR Card Services can prepare materials and ensure we are adequately staffed to handle your group in a timely fashion. Please contact us with the following information:

  • Date of event
  • time frame
  • estimated number of students
  • contact information

Feel free to contact us at cardingoffice@ucr.edu , (951) 827-2273 or (951) 827-1237 to discuss.


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