Frequently Asked Questions

Bear Bucks is a stored value account accessed with your R'Card. It is free with your purchase of a card and there are no account fees. Make prepayments to your account in any amount, and then use your R'Card to purchase numerous products and services on and off campus. You never lose your Bear Bucks - they carry over from one quarter to the next and from year to year. Bear Bucks are safe, fast, and convenient to use.

Your account is activated and ready for you to add value at any time as soon as your card is printed. 

You can then add funds to your account by logging into My Card Account and following these directions:

  • You will be redirected to the UCR Central Authentication Services screen.
  • You will need your UCR NetID and password to log on to your BearBucks account.

You are now set up with your own personal Bear Bucks account which will provide you with information on your purchases and activities regarding this account.

NOTE: The R'Card can be used as a debit card at many locations on and off campus. It is not a credit or charge card program, no cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted. In order to use the R'Card as a debit card, you must deposit funds. It also does not accrue interest or other earnings. The University accepts and holds prepaid funds, and applies these funds to purchases of goods and services made with your Account. Other than Account closing and refund fees, the University will not charge any fees for the use of your Account.

  • What happens if I lose or damage my R’Card?

    If you lose your R’Card, immediately deactivate your card by logging into your R’Card account. During business hours, you may call the Card Services office at (951) 827-2273 for assistance. You can get a replacement card by visiting the Card Services office. We’ll even update your photo if you like. There will be a $30 replacement fee.

    However, we recommend waiting to replace your card for 48-72 hours to allow time for it to be found and returned to our office. When we receive a, R’Card card, we promptly notify the cardholder by email that it has been recovered.

  • Am I responsible for meals and purchases charged to my lost or stolen R’Card?

    Once the card has been deactivated, you are no longer responsible for any charges. However, you are liable for all transactions charged to your account while the R’Card is still active.

  • What if my R’Card stops working?

    Bring your card to the Card Services office. A staff member will help resolve any issues that you are having with the functionality of your R’Card and/or Bear Bucks account.

  • What’s the different between Bear Bucks, Dining Dollars and R’Blocks?

    While all three plans let you make purchases on campus, they are separate programs with their own rules and requirements.

    Dining Dollars is administered by Dining Services, only works at on-campus dining locations, and is only available to residents with Dining Plans. Unlike Bear Bucks, Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year.

    R’Blocks is a pre-purchased block of meals at the Residential Restaurants at A-I and Lothian. It’s also administered by Dining Services, but open to the entire UCR community. R’Blocks also expire at the end of each academic year.

  • Can I have Bear Bucks, Dining Dollars and/or R’Blocks at the same time?

    Yes. You can have none, one or all three accounts active at any one time. Note that if you have both Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks on your card, purchases at dining locations will be taken from your Dining Dollars account by default. If you want to use your Bear Bucks account instead, inform the cashier.

  • Can I transfer funds between Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks?

    No. The program are completely separate, and administered by different departments.

  • Can non-account-holders obtain a Bear Bucks account statement?

    No, it is our policy to only release account information to the account holder (the student or employee who has the R'Card and Bear Bucks account). Regardless of the source of the funds, Federal statutes prohibit us from releasing this information unless the student is under 18 years of age or has granted access to their grades and other restricted information through the Office of the Registrar .

  • How do I check my Bear Bucks balance?

    You can check online in My Card Account  under “Account Summary.” Run a statement by clicking on “Account Statements.” This website retains your R’Card activity for up to 24 months.

  • Closing a Bear Bucks Account

    To close a Bear Bucks account, simply fill out the Bear Bucks Refund Request Form and submit the form to the Card Services Office. The University will refund your balance, less a $5.00 service fee.

    If there are outstanding charges on an existing Student Account, they must be paid before refunds are issued. Refunds will be issued by check and processed within five (5) days of the request.

    If a Bear Bucks account has sustained no activity for 12 months or more and has a positive balance, the account will be determined inactive and assessed a $25.00 annual fee until one of the following occurs; (1) The account is closed per instructions under "Closing an R'Card Bear Bucks Account; or (2) The balance reaches zero.

    For more information regarding your Bear Bucks account please refer to the R'Card Agreement