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Frequent Asked Questions   

Frequently Asked Questions

Bear Bucks is a stored value account accessed with your R'Card. It is free with your purchase of a card and there are no account fees. Make prepayments to your account in any amount, and then use your R'Card to purchase numerous products and services on and off campus. You never lose your Bear Bucks - they carry over from one quarter to the next and from year to year. Bear Bucks are safe, fast, and convenient to use.

Your account is activated and ready for you to add value at any time as soon as your card is printed. 

You can then add funds to your account by logging into My Card Account and following these directions:

  • You will be redirected to the UCR Central Authentication Services screen.
  • You will need your UCR NetID and password to log on to your BearBucks account.

You are now set up with your own personal Bear Bucks account which will provide you with information on your purchases and activities regarding this account.

NOTE: The R'Card can be used as a debit card at many locations on and off campus. It is not a credit or charge card program, no cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted. In order to use the R'Card as a debit card, you must deposit funds. It also does not accrue interest or other earnings. The University accepts and holds prepaid funds, and applies these funds to purchases of goods and services made with your Account. Other than Account closing and refund fees, the University will not charge any fees for the use of your Account.


What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks?

The R’Card is set up with two separate stored value accounts. If you live in the residence halls, you will have a Dining Dollars account which allows you to pay for on-campus food with your student I.D. Students who use Dining Dollars do not have to pay sales tax. Also, Dining Dollars expire each academic year, so you should make sure you use all of your Dining dollars before they run out. Dining Dollars is administered by Dining Services. To check your Dining Dollars balance, log in to My Card Account, go to “Accounts” and click on “Accounts Summary."

Bear Bucks is a stored value account accessed with your R’Card and administered by UCR Card Services. It is free with the purchase of a card and there are no account fees. Make prepayments to your account in any amount and use your R’Card to purchase food as well as many other goods and services including books, snacks, and general merchandise both on and off campus. You never lose Bear Bucks – they carry over from one quarter to the next and from year to year. They also never expire unless you graduate and do not request to close your account.

Can I have both Dining Dollars and Bear Bucks?

The short answer is "YES". Both accounts are accessed with your R'Card and many students choose to have both (if they live in the residence halls) since they complement each other well. At on-campus Dining locations, if you have Dining Dollars, those will be charged first for your purchase and Bear Bucks charged second. If you have both it is your responsibility to tell the cashier which account you want to use.

Can I transfer funds from Dining Dollars to Bear Bucks?

NO, since Dining Dollars are administered by Dining Services and Bear Bucks are administered by UCR Card Services, there is no way to transfer funds from one account to the other.

Can non-account-holders obtain a Bear Bucks account statement?

No, it is our policy to only release account information to the account holder (the student or employee who has the R'Card and Bear Bucks account). Regardless of the source of the funds, Federal statutes prohibit us from releasing this information unless the student is under 18 years of age or has granted access to their grades and other restricted information through the Office of the Registrar .

Do I need Bear Bucks?

Bear Bucks can be used as a budgeting tool for your discretionary spending during your stay on campus. Bear Bucks can be used for books in the campus store, copying and printing in the libraries, for food at all dining points of sale, and at select off-campus merchants. Bear Bucks cannot, however, be used as payment for fees on GROWL or parking permits.

How do I check my Bear Bucks balance?

You can check online in My Card Account under “Account Summary.” Run a statement by clicking on “Account Statements.” This website retains your R’Card activity for up to 24 months.

What do I do if I lost my R'Card?

You should freeze your account immediately. Follow the instructions on How to Replace Your R'Card.

What do I do if my card stops working?

Bring your card to the Card Services Office. A staff member will work with you to resolve any issues that you are having with the functionality of your R’Card and/or Bear Bucks account.

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